The Giir di Mont route

The route starts from the central square of the village and goes down to the valley floor along the muletrack that leads to Lavinol, then, after crossing the Varrone river, begins the first of the three climbs leading to the 1st intermediate passage: the Alpe Chiarino at 1558 mt, after 5 km of race.

The ascent continues, softening, for 1 km through beautiful larch woods, and following a challenging path that requires caution and attention, takes over the Alpe Barconcelli cottages and then reaches them by approaching a descent that goes on for just over 2 km leading to Alpe Casarsa before and the Alpe Forni then (Km 9), and bring to 1180 mt altitude before entering the second climb.

After a short uphill you reach the Alpe Vegessa where the 2nd intermediate is placed and the 1st gate is set in 2h 20 ‘. From here the route take the Valvarrone, following the military road for 4 km to the nearby Varrone refuge where, after crossing the river, the route present the most demanding ascent that leads the athletes to the Larecc Bocchetta (2063 mt altitude) with a climb 800 m of altitude difference in just over 3 km; The last 600 meters uphill can be enjoyed by the Grand Prize of the Mountain, always attracting a large audience.

The race now proceeds with a not less challenging descent that through stone and a steep path, in less than 2 km and with a 700 m altitude difference, leads to Alpe Fraina, where the slopes soften to the Alpe Caprecolo and then return to get off by taking the military road of the valley to Alpe Rasga (km 19), where athletes meet the 4th intermediate and where the last and the longest climb begins. The first part is the hardest, from the cottages of Domant to the pastures of Pianch, until finally reach the Alpe Premaniga (1403 mt), where the 2nd gate is set in 5h.

From here the climb rises becoming less steep, leading to the Alpe Solino (25 km), passes little above the cottages of the Alpe Piancalada, and continues until the last intermediate sited in the Alpe Deleguaggio (1690 mt), from where it starts the last and technique downhill, back to the finish line in Premana Square.

Refreshment points will be set up along the entire route.
The organization has developed over the years an indicative pacemaker table that is made available to the athlete, reminding that these are very subject to variations in relation to the individual and the environmental context.

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Nato come sfida su un percorso che unisse I 12 alpeggi del territorio premanese, il Giir di Mont (in dialetto appunto “giro degli alpeggi”) è cresciuto fino a diventare evento di riferimento nel panorama della corsa in montagna, attirando ormai costantemente più di mille concorrenti tra cui i migliori atleti del panorama internazionale.
I 32 Km di gara rappresentano allo stesso tempo una sfida ardua ed un paesaggio affascinante, ed il calore unico del pubblico premanese eleva il tutto ad un’esperienza unica per ogni concorrente.
Ogni atleta è un Top Runner a Premana.

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L’organizzazione, in forma di “Comitato Giir di Mont”, fa riferimento all’Associazione Sportiva Premana (ASP), di cui è parte.
I contatti generali per quanto concerne l’evento Giir di Mont e gli eventuali eventi collaterali sono i seguenti:

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